I Love Him No Matter What

THere is so much I could write about what I feel. I love him with all of my heart. I miss him when he goes away to the point that I feel like my world would end if he didnt come back. Yes he is my best friends brother, but who cares? We have a connection. BUt what makes it worse is that he has a girlfriend, and I have a feeling that they are perfect for each other. I miss him so much, and we are best friends. Its hard to say what I should do. But alll I know is that I love him more than anything else in this world right now, and I dont think that will ever change. No matter what happpens, I will always be there for him, even if it kills me to see him with another person. I love him enough to want him to be the happiest he can be, and if that isnt with me, I will understand and have his back 100%. But oh, I really hope, pray, wish that he loves me the same way I love him. Maybe one day he will realize that, but for now, I will be the best friend and support I can be for him. I am deeply in love with him, and I always will be.

AngieFosh11 AngieFosh11
18-21, F
Feb 8, 2009