She Was Just a Dream

I fell into a dream world almost two in a half years ago. This girl...This beautiful, wonderful, loving girl found me and pulled me from my reality. For so long I cried at night only because I feared she wasn't real. Her pictures hung from my walls. Her beautful smile greeted me every time I opened my phone. I listened to her comforting voice messages and saved them so I could listen to them over and over. I tried to gather all the proof I could that she really was the angel that graced me.

She was. She was everything I ever could have wanted in life, in love, in anything. She was my ticket out of reality. She truely was a dream.

But I made a horrible mistake. I let her become my reality.

Slowly I started letting myself believe that she would always be there. I told myself that I don't have to cry before bed anymore, because she was still going to be there. She was still going to be my strength, my guidence and my hand to hold in the dark. I truely believed she would always be there. Live without her would be a nightmare because she was my reality. My everything.

I never should have let her set foot into my reality. I would cry every night again just for the chance to dream that beautiful dream again. I'd do it a million times just to hold her a few short moments.

She dated me two years and three days before she forced that nightmare upon me. Even a moment without her is too much to handle. Since I let her become my reality, I gave her everything. I never should have.

So now my only chance is to let her slip back into my dreams again. She proved she could disappear from my life if she wanted to. And she did. She disappeared and so did my chance to ever let a dream become a reality.

I should be dead now. This nightmare is too much. Why can't I fall out of love with this perfect angel that made her way into my life and pulled herself out again?

Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2009

I don't hurt anymore. I've stopped hurting when I realized it's all that's given to good people. hurt, pain and suffering.