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I'm just learning just how important spirirtuality is to me. It is something that i need in order to feel balanced, calm, and happy. i'm deeply drawn to it and have been ridiculed because of it. it is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, expression of me. the best way that i can express myself. in my journey through many different institutions with many different religious idelogies i found that there isn't one expression that i like best. i have found the most peace with gathering different ideas from organized religions and also from spirituality that may be thought of as the "occult" and that suits me fine. i am now working on my first personal altar. it's a good project and it is fueling some much needed positive energy for me. my altar will be part buddhist shrine, part goddess shrine, part wailing wall, part reflection and journaling center. i think that whereas religion is for people who have minimal creativity and would rather be told what to do and follow, spirituality is for those that are more open-minded, creative, and deeply invested in how they relate to themselves and the outer world. i am learning that it will be absolutely essential for me to put time aside daily for my own spiritual practice in order for me to function, handle my stress. i have to have that "me time" and spirituality is the most satisfying way for me to have this time. it's so enriching. 

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

totally agree,spirituallity is the esscence of who we all are if only people would stop long enough to look inside themselves,the being ridiculed isnt nice but when you are so comfortable with it and know without a doubt that its the only way then you can smile and feel sorry for those that laugh for they are the ones who are missing out on the greatest knowledge in life.