Is A Work In Process


Is not easy to erase memories and forget about the past
something you've been living with for so long
totally changed the way you think about life
and try to discover yourself again in a new and different way
learn from so much negativity and turn it all around
learning from your so called mistakes and turn them into lessons
challenging yourself every single day to become stronger
trying not to let yourself down and not to bring others down with you
but  think about the most important part of it
staying true to yourself
all this time I have learned so much 
for someone like me is a big step
I didn't know  that much until I finally opened my eyes
to a new world I'm still exploring  and trying to get by
I just never knew I could come this far
and still seem like this journey is not over

OoLunaoO OoLunaoO
Jan 3, 2011