I Am Alive

I hit my sexual prime about a year and a half ago. Since then, I find I am horny all of the time and really can't seem to get enough. I find I love things I wasn't crazy about before, such as sucking ****, swallowing, and kissing after oral sex. I've found my body to be so much more responsive than it used to be and capable of things I couldn't do before. I was very surprised to discover that I am a squirter. While at first I only squirted when I played with vibrators on my **** or rode my Sybian Sex machine, I have now on many occasions squirted while having my husband's **** deep inside of me. We both love it when that happens, and he gets especially turned on when he's being soaked down by my juices. Up until this prime, I also had to have intense clitoral stimulation in order to ***. Now I am happy to say that I can *** easily from just riding my husband's hard ****, and I can *** easily over and over and over again. We do have great sex together.
Those are the physical things that have happened to me since my prime started. There have also been changes in my attitude about sex and my sense of adventure in that arena. I now want to try new experiences with my husband, and we have been able to do some things such as streaking (yes streaking), going to a nude beach, having sex on the beach, and sex beside a hot tub with an audience. It's like I crave the rushes that one gets from new sexual adventures. I love posting naughty photos of us on my profile here and love talking to new friends here about sex. I hope my prime never ends..... I've never felt so alive!

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you have the most perfect vagina I have ever seen. I would love to lick it while your husband watched and pulled his ****.

I'm ready whenever you are!

Incredibly arousing.....:))

sounds like you've truly found yourself... you're gorgeous! hot! wow!<br />
<br />

Lovely photos added to an already wonderful desc<x>ription of your prime. Please continue to explore and share your prime time adventures.

I'd like to add...you sure look good in your prime. With all the searching, I'd say finding your "prime" was just in time...for you know who. :-) Thank you for sharing and look forward to the desc<x>ription of dance and your debut into "Prime Time" stripping. Let's just say, it will be hot hearing about what you add to your "prime list of activities" in the future. dc :-)

You are one beautiful love machine in her sexual prime!

It sort of came in conjunction with a mid-life crisis, I guess. At that point I became a lot more confident in myself and bored and dissatisfied with the status quo. It wasn't really encouraged by my husband, and frankly at first, I believe it scared the bejeepers out of him as it seemed like my personality made so many changes. It also hit at a time our marriage was having difficulties and my husband was afraid I would have an affair. I didn't and won't and through much, much communication our marriage is the best it has ever been. Now, he is enjoying my mid-life/sexual prime stage of life.

wow quite a surprise i guess...really intrigued about how it happened, what circumstances allow for it, was it encouraged by your husband, etc?

I didn't really open myself up to it, it sort of just snuck up on me! I was 44. At that point I believe we had been married 23 years. Our kids were 21, 20, 18 and 3. No, that's not a typo-- our last one was somewhat of a surprise.

how did you open yourself up to reaching your prime? how old were you? how long had you been married, what age were kids, etc?


I can so identify with you.For years I was undewr the wrong notion that prime is 18-25 .Bullshit !! Prime is when you wake up to the beauty, without hang-ups, without dogma , with only willingness and open-mindedness and gratitude as your attitude.<br />
Salute to you,JWI , I'm proud to be in your circle.<br />
Maintain the prime.<br />
Love n Hugs

We use it in conjunction with our lovemaking almost every time and I sometimes ride it solo in absence of my husband when he is unavailable. I get my money's worth out of it, that's for sure.

love it. Thrilled that you're enjoying yourself and taking risks. What fun!

Sounds great. Love prime time

You and your hubby are very lucky!

Wish I was there when you were there. Would have loved to watch.

But dc, while most men might dream of their woman hitting a sexual prime, some don't really know how to handle it when it hits.

You hear about women hitting their sexual prime and the sexy things you feel is like a man's dream *** (oops) come true...and it is in both meanings of the word. Your sexy insight made me reflect on my wife's own cumin (oops) coming into prime and inspired me to write my own story of her sexual prime. I don't think all women hit a sexual prime and the ones that do are truly special. Thanks for sharing your special feelings in such a sensual story...you are a "prime" example of what most can only dream of…