Better Late Than Never...

You hear about women hitting their sexual prime and as a man you dream of her enlightened sexual desire. I remember my wife in her 20's as a young adventurous woman with a high sex drive and a thirst to try everything to satisfy her sexual appetite....and mine too. I can remember seeing the flush in her face as her ******* washed over her. The look she had as she came down from the rush of a series of multiple ******* that almost seemed endless. Then the intensity in her face as she started moving towards the next series of *******. It was about the time that researchers were saying women generally hit their sexual peak in their mid to late 30's. All I could think of was the endless possibilities we would share. Unfortunately, the 30’s were not her prime. In fact, her sexual drive started to go down. She was still sexy but her sexual intensity seemed to be dropping. It became more a vanilla version although still pleasurable...nothing compared to her earlier drive. The stark reality hit when she told me she did not want to have oral sex anymore. The child rearing days seem to take over stealing her energy and zest for sexual satisfaction. By the time she reached her 40’s there were female problems but there were times I could tell she longed for the same intensity she had but her body would not cooperate. By the time she reached her 50’s menopause set in and I was afraid what little was left of her “old” sexuality would be lost forever but was I ever wrong! After the hot flashes began to disappear she started feeling better physically as well as sexually. She began kissing me with renewed passion as we lay in bed. She would wake me from my chair instead of going to bed without me. She put on my favorite perfume and rubbed her feet over mine which created a hot desire for me to make love to her. I could see her transform into a hot and sensual woman. She loved my kisses and gave me gently nudges down her body pulling me to her warm and wet *****. She started flooding me with her juices. She would be so wet that I would slide into warm tunnel. The sex became hotter and much more frequent and I found myself starting to fantasize again about our earlier years of sharing. During one of my business trips I was up late one night and so horny thinking about her and was on my computer and I typed in the words “Wife Sharing” and Experience Project came up. I joined that night and started reading all the sexy stories. I was so horny could not wait to get home and **** my wife. The weekend sex was fantastic…she was responding as if she was reading my thoughts. The next trip I stopped into an adult store and bought her a new vibrator. When I saw the expression on her face after opening the bag with the vibrator I knew she was pleased and excited. That night we used the vibrator in foreplay and I got so excited watching her *** and *** again! Her sexual needs continue to grow and I am enjoying the benefits as I see her hitting “sexual prime”. In fact, as a result of her needs, I have seen my own sexuality reach its prime. No, I am not ******* her like a 20 year old but I am using my experience to satisfy her in ways I never did when we were in our 20’s. In a way we are both in our prime…you could even say we are “prime mates”. :-) dc

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I don't know if I said this before but I used to be a therapist of the marriage variety and I used to tell couples that wanted to venture off into wife/husband sharing to think carefully beforehand because once you cross that threshold there's no going back. I would tell them that few people can handle that type of dynamic to their marriage, and that the ones who could were the exception not the rule. You and your wife my friend are the exception and thanks for being so because it's made for some pretty good stories. Women to often let their emotions get involved in stuff like this and men tend to not be able to handle the fact that their wife's having sex with someone else like they thought they would, your wife seems to be an amazing women to handle it like she does and still give you all the lovin you need(hold onto her)lol

Women do carry a heavy load while raising a family…so do men but in a different way. :-) Through it all we shared the responsibilities and the sacrifices. As I reflect on our marriage, I realize her sacrifices were far greater than anything I thought I was missing. We weathered it together and have been rewarded with great children who are making a difference in this world by being who they are and touching others in a positive way. Now it is time for us again and we intend to take advantage of PRIME. Btw…thanks for your never ending inspiration…dc

Great story, dc, You told it well about child rearing taking it's toll and changing things for women. Luckily, for some of us (and our mates) it doesn't have to be a permanent change and the sex during our prime can be hot enough to make up for the lost years. Cute ending line as well, btw.