For Her

Last night after my friend read my story of our “Date” we had a great evening of chat. I can tell you that I have never met this beautiful woman in real life; I feel that there is a connection. During I chat she told me that likes being submissive. Some of the things that told me got me thinking that I would write her an account of my idea of what our evening would be like; she liked the “Date” so I hope you like this one also. You know who you are!
I told you in the morning before I left for work that we were going out to dinner when I get home. So you know what I am expecting, what I want done and how I expect things. I normally get home at 6, but knowing that my schedule is not your concern I stop for drink on the way home. Knowing you will be ready for me when I get there.
I arrive home at 7:30 and put my briefcase down and look around the house, everything looks perfect, just the way it is supposed to be. I walk into the bedroom and see my slacks, shirt and sports coat all neatly pressed and laying out on the bed. My shoes are highly polished just the way I like them. You have done an excellent job so far. I look around and everything is perfect.
I walk into the bathroom and see you standing next to the shower, every hair in place just the light touch of makeup on your already beautiful face and the perfect shade of lipstick. You are beautiful and I can tell that you are trying to make sure everything is right and not spoil my evening.
I step up to you and take your chin in my hand and left your face so I can look you in the eye. “The house looks wonderful, you did a very good job.”
I see the small smile cross through your eyes along with the relief of pleasing me.
“I am ready for a shower.” Upon hearing me you know what to do. You bend down and untie my shoes, slip them off of my feet. You put them in the closet where they belong. Remove my jacket, hang it up, tie, goes on the rack, belt, hang it on the rack. Shirt, into the bag for dry cleaning. Remove my socks, hamper. Pants, hang them up, creases straight. Undershirt, hamper. Undershorts, Hamper.
When you have me completely naked you get on your knees in front of me and take my semi hard **** in your mouth. Working you expert tongue you bring me fully to attention. Gently fondling my balls in your hand you proceed to lick and suck ****, varying your technic and pressure until you sense I am about to ***. You take me completely, your nose pressed against me letting unload deep in your throat. Not moving until I am finished.
When I am finished you stand up and start me shower. Making sure the water in perfect. I step in and close the door and you pick up a towel and wait for me to clean up. When I step out you dry my hair and my body. Making sure I am completely dry. I finish shaving and combing my hair and you follow me into the bedroom. Where you dress me.
When I am dressed I say, “Show me.”
You turn and show me the panties you want to wear, knowing to show me 2 pair so I can pick. You show me a pretty black thong and a pair of lacy little boy shorts. They are both perfect but I decide tonight you are not going to wear any panties. You turn and show me two pair of panty hose and matching garters, I pick a sheer black with subtle little seams up the back. You put them on making sure you turn away from me so I get a good view of your *** and your ***** as you bend over to adjust the seams.
I pick a matching lase bra with holes in the front that will show off your stiff nipples when you are excited. The dress is next. It is warm out so I pick a light floral summer dress that is a little above you knee and both slick and clingy both. You look worthy to be on my arm as we go out.
We go to a nice restaurant and we have a great dinner and conversation, during dinner I tell you that you can play with yourself. As we sit there you finger and play with yourself. I can tell that you are about to make yourself ***. I tell you that you cannot have an ******. You stop yourself on the brink. You have a little disappointment in your eyes but I know you will get over it. I do this to you twice during dinner.
When we get home you fix me a drink and while I am enjoying it you go remove your cloths and come back. You sit on the floor at my feet while I finish my drink. When I am ready for bed we go into the bedroom and you undress me. I tell you that you have done such a great job tonight I am going to watch you as you pleasure yourself. I sit in the chair as you lie on the bed and spread your legs in front of me, you start rubbing yourself and fingering yourself letting me watch everything you do. You are so wound up it does not take you very long climax.
As you are laying there panting, the waves of your ****** still coursing through and over your body I get up and slide my fully erect **** into the hilt with the first thrust. A gasp escapes your lips, I start hammering away. Making sure each stroke is the full length of my ****, bringing it all the out so just the tip is in and slamming it home, watching your **** bounce with each one of my thrusts. You wrap your legs around my waist and I give you a ride. I lean back and move your ankles up on my shoulders and my thrusts go deeper. As another ******* moves through your body I roll off and you climb on top.
Lying there staring up at you, you work your hips back and forth. You know it is my turn and you do exactly what I like to bring me to a massive climax. I can feel my *** pulse deep inside you. You collapse on my chest. Heart pounding, our sweat mixing. When you catch your breath you slowly lift yourself off of my rapidly deflating ****. You move down and lick our juices off of me, making sure I am clean. You get up and go clean yourself and return with a warm washrag and finish cleaning me.
We slide under the covers and you curl into a ball with your head resting on my chest. Falling immediately asleep. It was a good day.
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Love it! you should write more :)