I'm Thinking About It Actually....

I currently have 76 'friends'. I only talk regularly with about 12 of them. The rest, it's a fast read of a story, or a gesture & I feel bad, but usually I'm so wrapped up in 3 or 4 lifes that I just can't get to them. So I don't know, part me doesn't want to delete them because I don't think that's right, but if I can't spend the time on them that they deserve........That's not right either.... Goddess, it sure is hard to decide. =(

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3 Responses Mar 28, 2009

Ya, it is weird. Some people have became my fan that I've never once even talked to! Why did they become my fan? IDK<br />
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I really only talk to a handful......Maybe it's time to downsize. LOL<br />
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I just don't want to offend anyone. They haven't done anything to make me mad! They just don't communicate with me.

Me too! :)<br />
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What's the point of having friends, if you're not going to talk to them? I'll even try to start a conversation with some in my circle who never talk to me, and they still don't say anything, so F it! Why be friends?<br />
*shrugs* I don't get it.

I know how you feel Teri, I have a lot of friends that I never talk to. Why do people request to be your friend and then never say anything to you?