Demanding And Proud!

I saw that there were many groups about being "too demanding", so I decided to create this group for anyone who is totally fine, (or totally not fine), with being demanding.

My last boyfriend used to get angry with me and tell me that I was way too demanding, so I would apologize and swallow my annoyance or the things I wanted done, just for him.

After he left me for a girl that didn't like him back, I did some self-evaluating and decided on the characteristics I liked and disliked about myself, and which parts of me I was willing to improve for someone, and which ones were a part of my inherent personality.
Being demanding was one of the things I concluded was not going anywhere.

I am demanding. I know it. I told my now Fiance this whenever he asked me out. I layed out every flaw and point of myself that I could think of and he still wanted to be with me! (That crazy man!)

I take on leadership roles often, and part of being a good leader, (in my case at least), is making sure things get done. If I wasn't demanding, people would probably walk all over me. This characteristic I possess fuels my no-nonsense fire and helps me accomplish things accurately and efficiently.

So I like being demanding. Sometimes My Love will mock me when I tell him something I want done, and say, "Gosh, Honey! You're soooo demanding!" I smirk and agree with him.
; )

Being demanding doesn't mean you have to be rude, although sometimes people take it that way, because sometimes people are just too dang sensitive. (I'm also very blunt. Heh!) Being demanding can be a good thing when used in the right situations and with tact.

I am demanding, and I refuse to compromise this aspect of myself.
HazelnutEyes HazelnutEyes
Nov 28, 2012