I don't know why I put up with everything everyday. I thought it was because I wanted to be strong for my Husband and Daughter and Family but...sometimes I find that I don't even feel anything towards them. I hate lying towards them. I hate lying about my life to other people but I cant tell them the truth. I know how many people love and care for me but it makes me feel bad because I don't love them like I should all I want is to be happy to have a real smile on my face and to be able to say I love you to someone and acutually mean it. I don't understand why I cant have something as simple as that.........
Anto815 Anto815
46-50, F
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Oh Anto I wish it was better for you. You do love your daughter I'm sure. Maybe, like me, you struggle to define those feelings, maybe not I'm just guessing here. I would just like you to know that I do know how you feel.

Thanks it means so much to me. I know there are many people going through pretty much the same things. Mabe we should set up a group it might help others like you and I Think about it and get back to me..Your friend Antonia

Hi Anto thanks for your comment. I think that's a good idea, what should we call it?

Okay when your ready just say the word....

Well I'm ready :)

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