My Health And Why I Left This Site For A While..........

I just would like everyone to know where i have been for such a long time. I have not been well as most of you know. Between my health and depression on top of that it made me something i am not..I woke up feeling useless unloved. unwanted,I felt like a stranger in my own home. I had nowhere to go .nowhere to turn it was just little old me. I went to my doctor when i had thoughts of ending my life. They put me on many different kinds of medicine until the right one came along. The problem was it took a little over a month for me and the doctor to see a change in the way i looked toward life.I talk to someone weekly which helps some but i still feel strange. I thought that being away for so long might be part of my depression becoming worse so i decided that it was time to go back to a place i feel safe and a place where i know i can write and talk and not get judged.I am so glad i made the decision to come back. It may take me sometime to get back in the swing of things but i want each and everyone of you to know i am here if you need a friend just message me and i'll be there..Thanks for reading..Antonia
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Thanks for coming back. Health matters are difficult as you know. I believe that if you put in the right stuff and add a little help or direction ( good food and exercise) the body will heal most things. The mind and body are inseparable so walking , swimming , biking or whatever it takes to get your metabolism revved up will help with depression and negate side effects of medications. If you are happy you are more energetic and relaxed this applies vice versa as well. Sometime you have to push to literally just put one foot in front of the other one, but this helped me. It helps to have regularity and perhaps commitments to charitable orgs. or just a strong routine. Hope you are feeling better with the summer here now. The advice still stands as it will help be more positive even if you feel ok. Life is for living, fear is 99% foundless and good things take time.
Be well. Dave

Dear Anto, I know how you feel. Ive had chronic pain.for 8 years now and its finnally getting better. Now.theres another issue and im failing as.i.canmot keep.wieght on anore.. Theres much more to.this if you .to.commiserate... I truly feel.for you and anyone that has been in this situation.. it really is depressing at times.

Hi thanks for the reply I would like to be friends with u I will try to add u in my circlle please message me so we can talk hope u have a good day. Iiiiiit will be nice talking to someone who understands.

I tried but I coullld'nt so iif u could do it on your end it would mean so much Have a good day..

Please friend me so we can talk I really wannnt to talk thanks..

So sorry to hear about your health.


Glad you've been busy 'getting well' :)

Thanks it is good to be back. Even though i am not 100% i thought maybe this will help Message me so we can catch up on things..

welcome back I also took some time off ep not because of health or anything because ep started getting a little old but now ever since I came back i\'m on here more than Facebook or twitter