Have Only Child, Sad About Her Growing Up...

Have a daughter, who is 7. I am all of a sudden extremely depressed that she is growing up. I feel she may start developing early and my baby girl will be all gone. I sometimes feel having another child would help, but would just be a band aid on the depression. For numerous reasons, we will not be having a 2nd. I wish I could just live in the moment and not freak out about the inevitable, but that has never been my strong suit. Does anyone know of a good book out there about the subject? I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling this way, but for some reason don't feel comfortable talking about it with anyone I know.
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I am an only child and I become depresed and sometimes cry at the fact that I never grew up with any siblings, I missed out on so many life lesson ands experiences. I think it would be best if u did have another child to help your daughter in life

Our girl (only child) is 5 and we are beginning to feel that too. We both want another but are older and so may adopt.

Hey there, iv just came across this page as just the past few days i have been feeling completely down after my 4 year old took home her "year book" from nursery and with all her pictures in it and her drawings it really made me think where has the time gone?! Where have both my babies gone? (I have 2 girls, 7 and 4.) Iv been sat sobbing uncontrolably when i look at her book or just generally think about it. Iv found myself appreciating my daughters alot more this past few days (its not that i didnt appreciate them before i did but more so now!) I sat in a friends house a few nights ago sobbing about her growing up and i feel like the day i take her to nursery for her last day that my baby is gone and its now my little lady thats growing up! How am i going to watch my girls grow up and enjoy growing up when im looking at them with a pain in my chest at the thoughts of them having to grow up?! Its so painful when you realise they arent babies any more! I know i want another child but it also eats away at me knowing that i cant control what nature intends, for them to grow up!

I'm also a mom of an only child and not having another one because my husband is adamant about not having another. It should no longer be an issue anymore given I'm 42 years old but it doesn't prevent me from feeling how I feel. I feel that overwhelming sadness when I see how much my 5 year old has grown....she just graduated from preschool too. I remember holding her as a baby for as long as I could (even after she had fallen into a deep asleep) because I never wanted to forget how she felt in my arms (crying now just thinking about it). I can't talk to my husband about it and my friends think I'm crazy for feeling this way. I AM grateful for my daughter but I don't know if I would be feeling like this if I had more children. While I LOVE my daughter to death, my heart aches for another. Maybe in another life.....

I am a dad of a 5, 6 and 9 year old and feel exactly the same. I try to tell myself that by focusing on the past I miss the joy of the present but that is easier said than done. I have a hard time not feeling like the day they leave forever is just around the corner.

I just wanted to say that I so understand! The part where you can't talk to people you know!<br />
I actually had one friend I confided in, and she really did think I was crackers!! She avoids<br />
me now and never calls anymore : (<br />
thanks again for sharing... ((hugs))

Hi There, I have more than one child but do understand your feelings on this, i recently posted my story on here. I know what you mean about not feeling comfortable talking to people you know about it. Firstly i found it extremely difficult trying to put it into words and when i saw the look of confusion on my friends faces i think they thought i was crackers. I feel on here i can say exactly how i feel without worrying what people may think. The more i look into this the more i know i'm not alone, i think its just something people try to deal with on there own as really there isnt much that can be done to prevent the inevitable. Unfortunately! <br />
I havent found any answers yet & dont know of any books on the subject, but for me personally i am trying to enjoy life a bit more & trying to enjoy these new people in my life that were once my babies. Hope you find what you're looking for all the best. HB41