Miss My Sons

Hi  I am 47 female living in Australia.Earlier this year my youngest son moved out and since then I feel life is empty .Between crying spells and being told to grow up myself I was very relieved to find this group.Thank you for allowing free expression of feeling it helps.
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Count your blessings. You did a good job raising them so they can go out on their own. I have an 2 adult sons at home with little to no prospects or plans.

I am going thru that also. My daughter just moved out of state. My older son lives about 2 hours away, then my 'baby' he is almost 21, he just moved out with his girlfriend of 1 year. I love her like she is already my daughter in law. But I miss all my children.

Dear alison63: I express my sorrow and sympathy for you in the "loss" of your youngest son. Were I a parent, I too, would grieve over the loss of someone (particularly my youngest son) who has "left my life". One thing you might want to remember,is that your youngest son will never forget his up-bringing, under your love; your watch over him; and your love for him. Be very sure that "he" will never forget this. I'm sorry that you're saddened by this --- it happens to all of us who are parents. In a moment of candor, I'm glad that I was never a parent, because I couldn't stand the pain of my child "leaving me" But, it's reality. It happens. However--- I can promise you this: your son will never forget the days of comfort, your care, your love for him. How could he? He will stay in touch with you --- and he will never forget all that you gave to him. He will belong to you, forever.<br />
Best to you: Jim

What are you worried about?He'll always be your baby.He knows you love him.He knows he's always welcome home.He knows you'll always be there for him.He knows there's at least one other person in this world he can count on no matter what.And he certainly knows you're a push-over.I'd say you've done a terrific job :))

An "Emptynester".<br />
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Naturally you will miss your children, but hopefully they are not too far away so they can visit anytime. Try and fill your time with other things you enjoy. <br />
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You may even encourage them to come around for Sunday Lunch or a couple evenings a week just for a chat and to catch up on what has been going on in your lives.<br />
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Just be happy that you have done a good job as a mother and that you are still loved :)

thank you for your lovely reply you are a very wise lady XXXX