Changes In Life.

I can write these stories on this sight. They too, are my own words. My kids are my absolute life. I never-ever want my home to be a empty nester. I understand my pain of having my kids grow up. I have seen the cycle of life and know how hard it can be when children leave home. I have been a first hand witness to my sisters when they grew up and left home. I was still at home when they left. And I was still a child. I remember feeling so sad when they were not around. I remember when they were going through divorces and moved back home with us. And what it put their children through. I knew at the age of 13, what it was like to sit with someone you absoultly love die of cancer. (My uncle who treated me like his daughter and lived next door died of cancer.) I watched my Grandma die at age 7. She too, was our next door neighbor. When I was 26 years old, I sat beside my mother while she was in a coma, dying of cancer. I was 7 months pregnanat with my first  child. My nieces and nephews were in their teens, almost ready to graduate. They were crying their eyes out when my mom was dying. Do you realize? HereI am, watching my mother die. Watching my nieces and nephews who are almost adults, cry their eyes out.  I feel for them as if they were my own children. Because they were around while I was growing up. From the time they were babies and I was like 11 years old, changing their diapers. I, in a way, helped raise them. And here I am, watching my mother die, my neices and nephews cry, feeling my first baby kick inside me. All at the same time. I know what it is like for changes. I have already watched my neices and nephews grow up. When I was 33 years old, with 3 kids, Aged 6, 3, and 7 months old, my dad fell to his death from a heart atack  at our house. Now my children are growing up faster then a blink of an eye. And I am soo scared and sad for the next changes to take place. Dear Lord, I know you will hold us and protect us and carry us through. Thank you,  In the name of Jesus. Amen.
joiebobby joiebobby
Oct 28, 2011