Toddlers Growing Up And Depression

I am a loving father of twin boys aged 4 1/2 and I should be happy and excited to see they are great children,adjusting well to pre-K, and full of ideas, thriving and making new friends. I however, find myself depressed more times than not, and not able to cope with it. I travel a lot, and I also miss alot, and I deeply miss them when I am gone. It should be easier for a man to cope with it, and its hard to talk to others in my family and friend circle without being embarassed.

Any advise on how to better deal with it?
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2 Responses Nov 14, 2011

I believe that if you feel this way, there is another soul that needs to come to you. Open your arms, your heart, and your home. It's like being hungry for food. If you don't eat enough you will still feel hungry. Get your fill of children. You will not be hungry anymore. You will feel satisfaction and joy.

I am a father of a beautiful 9 y/o girl. She just turned 9. I too am dealing with the depression of her growing up. I work in emergency services and do shift work. I miss her when I am at work also. Sometimes a disaster strikes and I am gone for 2 weeks or more. I have always felt anxiety and depression each birthday. This year was the worst. I have started to deal with the depression by writing a journal. In it is all the advice and stories I feel she may forget, need or look back on when she gets older. It has helped a lot. You may want to try it. If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them. Good luck.