I Have Messed Up!

First thing I did was let my husband get to my phone. Secondly, I helped out a friend with expenses because he deserves a break, and I love him with all my heart. My husband found out about that and now he insists on chasing this poor guy down and going after the money that is gone. I have offered to pay it back but he won't here of it. I am still going to cheat. I can't help it. I hate my life here and I want some excitement. I have had plenty of offers, and there is one I am going to take. He is hot, younger than me, divorced so therefore unemcombured with problems. I think he is perfect. I will miss my young friend but I need this. I hope to reconnect to my young friend one day. He is an angel and would be good for me in bed I am sure! How could he not be? I dream of him, and miss him daily. But for now I have to move on. I have already found another angel on here, a beautiful man from India. I hope we meet one day as well. I will run away with him if he will have me. My life would be complete. He is so gorgeous there is no way he could not be everything I want. In the meantime I will play with the local beautiful man, until I can be with the India man. Or, my friend in the Great Northwest. I would love to be with him too, Myles I love you also, don't be depressed if you read this. You also are my number one. Can there be more than one? I think so! I love all of you dearly! xxoo runnerinatl
runnerinatl runnerinatl
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4 Responses May 6, 2012

The thought of running away with someone you adore is so romantic and beautiful. I know that you wrote this a long time ago, and I hope that everything is working out for you.

Everything is okay except I am not divorced yet. I have no money but I have connected with someone special. He is much younger than me but he is so mature. I am going to be with him soon.

are you seeing your friend now did you cheat yet hope youinjoy it as much as i do

thats great injoy each other while you can ,like you im miserable but older lol feel traped by money and family realestate i had a lover and lost her but i hope theres more for me i know there is ,its funny when were down and miserable how easy it is to fall for some one

I live in India? Hmm....;-)