It really hit me hard this year on Christmas Day. My youngest (son) is 11, and it is his first year of not believing in Santa Claus, so we don't have that anymore.
My other two (daughters) are 16 and 14. Kids that age tend to be a little tougher to get gifts for anyway (on reasonable budget), and I could see the obvious disappointment on my 14 year olds face, she is sensitive anyway, as she gets things like clothes, outfits, and perfume.
It's not that she is selfish about it, but no toys, games, etc. to play with and occupy the rest of Christmas Day. There was a look on her face like "now what do I do?".
No more getting up every hour on Christmas Eve night, shouting with glee as they rush upstairs and down, exclaiming of the things in stockings.

Now I know the season is not all about the materialism of gift receiving. That's not the bigger point obviously, but it really hit me like a ton of bricks this year. My kids are older, that part is gone, as are the things like Halloween.

Although I haven't been the primary care-giver of the children like my wife (who doesn't seem to be having the same problem :)), I am really having a problem with it. I don't really care about getting "old" myself, I just don't want to see them do it... I don't want to let go of that part of my life. It was a big part to have them "kids". I've struggled since that day, perhaps it is selfish.
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I know its hard. But its better for your kids to grow up. Someday you will be Very proud of them :)

Wow!! I could copy and paste your statement and sign my name. I feel the exact same way. My kids are 10 and 13 and I cried all season long about them growing up. This year, it hit me hard!! :(