I am a stay at home mum with 2 children, a daughter who's 10 years old and a son who's 8 years old. I have always believed I would have a third child but after I miscarried our 3rd child about 3 years ago my husband had a vasectomy.
I got a full time job a few months later but ended up having a breakdown from the stress of the job, missing my kids and trying to deal with not having more children.
Since then I have been trying to keep myself busy with study and learning new hobbies. My husband has been really supportive and I am grateful his in my life.
I felt like I was finally in a happy place until my sister had another baby 3 months ago and my brother had another baby 1 month ago. Spending time with my new nephews has made me depressed again but now I realize it's not just that I want another baby but I miss my kids being dependent on me like they were when they were babies.
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Sorry, this is going to sound corny but just love the heck out of them and your husband. Find new ways to adore them and let them fill your whole being with love.