I'm going through this too. I'm a single mom, 34, and have an almost 14 yr. old daughter, and an 11 yr. old son. There's been a lot of talk and preparation for my daughter to start high school, and a lot of talk about college. She already knows what she wants to do and I'm so proud. But, I don't want her to leave when it's time.

And my son, there's been a lot of talk about puberty - which he's going through now. I'm soooo sad. My baby boy is definitely not a baby anymore.

I just get very depressed and anxious about what will happen when they do leave the nest. Although I've renewed interest in things that I used to like before kids, I still can't help but worry.

But I'm also excited for the future. It's really confusing.

Glad to find these posts and know it's pretty normal for parents to feel sad about kids growing up.
cmn1979 cmn1979
36-40, F
Feb 3, 2014