I have been a single mom forever. This year I got my own apartment, after my daughter got hers, and my son moved in with his girlfriend(soon to be fiance, whom I love) father to help him out. I haven't been alone in 23 years. It has been really exciting, and I have enjoyed my new home. But my son and his fiance just signed with the Navy, so they will be gone soon, my daughter is still in the next city, we talk all the time. But I find myself just now feeling terribly lonely. I am so happy I have raised well adjusted great kids, and want them to move on with their lives. But I feel sad today. Not everyday, just today. I have an 11 year old cat and a 13 year old that I know is not going to be here forever. It feels like we are all getting old. Just wanted to put that out there.
boodlesmom boodlesmom
46-50, F
Feb 15, 2014