I have 2 birth children and 3 foster children but I'm really struggling with them growing up , I love them so much it truly feels like my heart is breaking my daughter 18 has always confided in me and spent time with me but now she's not I feel like my best friend has dumped me I know it's normal I know I should b happy but I just can't bare it , she's going off to uni in September and I just don't know how I will cope not seeing her every day, I feel like she's mine and I don't want to loose her but of course if want her to have a life , I fill up just at the thought of her not texting me even when she's out with friends because she always did until a few weeks ago I want to still b a big part of her life I know how utterly selfish my feelings are and I would never try to hold her back but I'm really struggling and the thought of her getting a boyfriend and putting him b4 me is terrifying my heart is breaking
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You need to start doing things for yourself, distract yourself from these feelings and thoughts, maybe make new friends. Do you have any hobbies? Are there things you always wanted to try but didn't have time for? Have you tried Meetup.com? It's great for making new friends and getting out and about.

Hi thanks for your reply I'm very busy as I do work but no I don't really spend much time socialising I am married and still have the kids to keep my busy but if I'm honest I live for my kids , I suffered depression last year cuz but due to loss and tragedy and I wonder if I'd have got through it without her she got me through it she made me laugh again I just can't stand this feeling and then I feel guilty for feeling this way so that makes me feel worse , how does someone except it I just don't know how too I gave birth to her she's always been my little girl how will I ever except her meeting a boy it will b like she's chose him over me , see that's so stupid I know but that's what I feel like god am I really that selfish that I could feel this way

Hey don't beat yourself up over what you feel; feelings are out of our control. It's your actions that matter, and it sounds like you're a really good mother. I don't know how one overcomes empty nest syndrome, maybe you just need time, but also maybe you haven't completely recovered from your depression?

Thanks x maybe your right maybe I need to find a hobby too x

Let us know how you get on. I really wish you the best, I wish I had a mum like you <3

I'm sure u wouldn't if u did as I think theses feelings are selfish but thanks for your kind words and yes I will let u know x

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