My daughter is 16 and I'm having a really tough time with her growing up. She's a good, smart, responsible girl. I've always been proud of her for the nice young lady that she's becoming and yet I'm sad for the stages that have passed. However, since she started driving its like she's so much more "on her own" and I'm really struggling with it.
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It is hard to let our kids grow up. Know and trust you have done a great job in raising her. When kids are little they are in the house and in our care all the time. We have control. As they grow they are not in our care all the time. They are not under our feet anymore. We love them, teach them, we pray for them and we show and teach them respect. This is how they become responsible adults. She will ALWAYS need you. She will come to you as she needs help and as you help her she will realize just how much she needs you more and more.
Good luck and God Bless

If she's everything you say she is. Then smile, a lot of parents tend to mess up somewhere, and their kids resent them. Embrace your daughter for who's she's becoming, and independent self reliant woman. Cherish the memories of her as a child, but don't go and believe that the little girl is forever gone. She will always consider you her loving mother. Just let her grow her wings right now.

I know it may seem like I'm too young to say this, but the fact that you recognize that she is growing into a responsible and beautiful person is indicative of the great mother you've been. The worry is normal; my parents feel the same especially now that I'm going to college. Have faith that she will hold onto all that you have instilled in her. But other than that, you're just being a mother. She is lucky to have someone like you in her life.

You have done well to have her be a responsible lady.
Life is change - we can't fight it.
Then place your focus on you - time to get into hobbies that you let go to be a great mum.