I'm having a hard time with my children growing up. They are 14, 17 and 18. All gorgeous and still home. They have become so independent and busy with their lives and it hurts not to be as wanted by them as I used to be.
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hi I'm a teenager growing up, 18 years old, I'll be19 soon, and I just want you to know, they're going to always need you for something, most people my age love the fact of growing up, but I it's something I'm struggling with, It seems like time just speed up on me, people I know are just so happy and motivated to be growing up and accomplishing their goals. while I'm just kinda lost and wishing I can just pause time and stay young and under my mom forever, but I have to deal with it and prepare myself for the real world, because I'm going to have to start taking care of her soon, so don't worry I'm sure that's what your children are going to do for you, because you sound like a caring and loving mother.

I appreciate your kind words, thank you. Why r u talking about looking after your mum already? Is she very old? I'm 47 and getting looked after by my kids wouldn't even cross their minds. Im still doing all the looking after.

my mom is 46, but she still deserves to be taken care of. and no problem we all need kind words now day's