Hello everyone. Reading these stories has made me want to post my own but from the son/daughter point. Hopeing to get sone advice. Im an only child and have had my own house 400 miles away from family. At that time it wasnt too bad for my mam but iv sinced moved back because my mam needed me around while going through a rough patch in life. Now that its all settled iv been offered an opportunity to move from the UK to USA with my wife to be. I really want to take this opportunity to go amd experience life for my self. The big problem is that my mam is a huge family person an gives anything for family. When I told her about this the flat out told me I dnt have her blessing and she will never forgive me for doing that to her. The big issue seems to be potentially missing out on her grandkids when I have children. It also does not help that im like my mams best friend and it may sound strange but it was almost like I was raising my mam than her raising me when I hit 15. She had bad parents and never got an education so iv basically schooled her from a young age and to be honest she is one of the leading dementia councillors in elderly care in our county so I did good :). Family and even my mams partner have told me I have to live the life I want. Not live the life my mam wants. I see their point but it isnt easy knowing your going to break your mams heart for your own happiness. Will she cope without me? When she gets old who will look after her ? And alot of other questions I have to ask myself. Sorry for the long post but wanted to give some important details.
Ricardo88 Ricardo88
26-30, M
May 31, 2015