I'm a 47 year old father to four teenagers. The eldest is my adopted daughter, 18. I love her as though I raised her, but she only became one of daddy's little girls over the last two years. I didn't get to hold her as a baby, teach her to ride a bike, or scoop her up when she fell down...so there's a big empty space for me. But now she's already an adult, at the age where kids pull away from mom & dad, and I'm not taking it well.

I'm very protective by nature - especially of her because of some very bad life circumstances she's endured. Her childhood was ruined by abuse which put her in the foster care system at the age of 12. She has made great strides since becoming part of our family and is a wonderful young lady...but I'm not ready to lose my baby yet.

She gave me the "let me grow up" speech the other day and it broke my heart. I want her to be happy, healthy, and safe...but I'm afraid for her. The world has already been cruel to her.

How do I find the balance between my protective instincts and the need to let her spread her wings?
Hickory67 Hickory67
46-50, M
Jun 2, 2015