my son is turning 18 tomorrow. I'm so terrified for him. he's given me nothing but trouble most of his life. he's rebellious, impulsive, headstrong, cruel. but he's grown into a decent young man...mostly. but he's still so naive and he's running with a bad crowd. he's already moved out months ago. but. I'm so afraid for him. I thought I'd feel relief but I don't. he will always be my baby. I just can't help worrying he will get into hard drugs or get into cars with drunk friends or do something stupid and go to jail or die. I feel like I didn't do enough. say enough.
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The fact that you're worried about not doing or saying enough means you probably did do enough... The fact that you care says it all. I have a son who is out in the world too, and not a day goes by that I ever feel peace inside about him. You just do the best you can do. Try to put it in your higher power's hands or talk to friends/family about how you feel. Maybe write about it in a journal or just try to daily say a mantra to have a little peace about it. You could say something like- "Today universe (Or God or whatever you believe) I put my son in your hands, and ask that you keep him safe and guide him away from all harm and danger. Something like that.... Hope you feel better.