My husband died about 6 months after our only child, a son, was born. It has been just the two of us for 26 years. He went to a local university and graduated with his master's degree last December. He started looking for a full time teaching job and was excited to receive an offer last week. It is a wonderful opportunity for him and...not local. He called me at work with the news and I felt bad that I did not react as he had hoped. I know I have been blessed to have had him with me for so long and he is a joy to be around. He will be moving out tomorrow and I am not handling it well at all. I don't want to cause him stress but I am sure all the tears I am shedding are not helping him. Because it is an abrupt move, he will have to come back on a few weekends to get his stuff together. Just taking essentials this week. I am thrilled at the prospect of a few extra days but depressed at the activity the weekend holds. I have my mom to talk to but she is less than supportive so not a good option. And every site I go to for input on this empty nest thing has mostly the same advice. Join groups, seek out friends, lean on your spouse, reignite your marriage....sad as this sounds, I don't have friends, never liked group stuff, and I have no husband to help me. I do have a job that keeps me very busy and, unfortunately, has me scheduled to work on the upcoming three day weekend when my son will be here. Yes, sobbing all the time is hard to stop and I pray without ceasing but the prayers I am sending up are a bit more jumbled than I would like. Oh, did I mention he is getting married the weekend after school lets out? I can't even look forward to summer break with him. I am hoping to get past this sad, empty feeling soon but that really doesn't sound anything like me so looks like I am going to be living with this longer than the experts suggest. I am not feeling sorry for myself though, just a little lost, very lonely, and very, very sad. I hope someone can offer some advice.
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I hope EP will bring you some relief. You are able to let your feelings out here and other members will respond. You will not be alone in your grief. It does seem like grief to me.
I hope you are able to see the wonderful life your son is embarking upon.
I know you wish him the best life can offer and you have prepared him to do this. I hope you can take pride in him and and now you will have a daughter in law added to your family.
Let your feelings flow out here and show your son and new daughter the love you feel for them.