I dropped my 18 year old daughter off at her college 700 miles away on Sunday. I was nothing but excited for her until we arrived at the hotel. I started to feel a sadness creeping up on me as move in day got closer. When we said goodbye and left her room it hit me really hard.

Now that we're back home I'm left with a knot in my stomach that tightens up with each reminder of her absence. Eating dinner, watching TV, playing with the dog were all things we did together almost daily. Even now that I'm at work I'm not able to concentrate anticipating the next pang.

It's nearly debilitating, and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to deal with this without some help. Instead of looking forward to a visit in a couple months, I'm dreading another separation. I also have zero appetite right now. I haven't felt like this since I moved away 25 years ago and then I was alone. Now I have a wife and a son at home. Really hoping I can get a grip.
ratcatg ratcatg
51-55, M
Aug 18, 2015