My husband and I have raised 2 awesomely considerate, hardworking, intelligent, caring young men aged 31 and 22. Our oldest was married for 4 years, I remember when he and his soon to be wife moved out, my husband and I stood out in front yard at 1:30 in the morning when they picked up their last load and cried our eyes out. He and his wife got an amicable divorce 4 years later, he moved back with us to help out since my husband's health is declining . He has a Bachlors degree in Kinesiology, has a good job, a wonderful girlfriend who I consider my best friend and about to get his MLIS degree. Our youngest son, the 22 year old, has a great job at a nearby school district making a great salary as a computer tech. In between girlfriends, tired of the drama. Both guys are living at home contributing financially and doing yard work, repairs,etc.
My problem is our youngest son is moving out next month and it is really hitting me hard. I cry a lot, try not to show it. I have a wonderful relationship with both of them, but the youngest is the one that will hug me first, ask if I need anything from the kitchen, am I eating , have you eaten. The oldest is my hero and is a hugger but you usually have approach him first. Both give great hugs! The youngest is my heart and soul. I know we have done a fantastic job of raising them to be the men they are. He's ready to move on, apt. of his own, no roommate, I know that's what you want for your kids but I'm taking this really hard. There are 5 of us in our house and we love having the kids with us. We know the oldest will remarry and move out eventually but i'm not ready for the 22 yr. old to leave and it's only one town over! I feel silly in a sense but not being able to see that handsome face everyday, his crazy sense of humor, this caring being, his laughter is getting to me and he hasn't even left yet. Am I silly? Any suggestion for making this transition ANY easier?
Dahlsj Dahlsj
56-60, F
Oct 28, 2015