Depressed And Sucidal,x

Hi I'm Shannen. x

                          I am 14 and Suicidal i am very depressed about Life and what might happen
that's when i turn to the knife.
i really do need help I'm good at hiding my Emotions but Deep down it Hurts to feel this way
i have so many Scars and life for me would be good to end. But i have family and i cant let them feel the
Guilt that they didn't help me enough.

i don't want life like this i want it to be normal , but i cant keep my Anger and Feeling under control they lash out for no
particular reason. some times things mount up from week  or even months ago and then i become really depressed and
that's when i feel i need help.

people try to help me but they do it wrong i need some 1 who feel's just like me and  someone i feel i can trust .

i cant stop feeling angry and unhappy i feel like im unloved which i know I'm not .my tears are different to
everyone else there more serious and its  meant to turn out happy but i turn out in the wrong ways . many words can describe the things i do to my self i am calling out for a friend and a plea for  help.x

Shannenhen Shannenhen
13-15, F
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