i have had a very hard life being with people that are not my parents is very complicated specially because they cant have kids and they take care of me to much and i am like about to turn 20 and i still have to ask permission and idk...i just think tht sometimes they do not understand memaybe if i had a brother or sister everything would be different....i just want to have fun and i want them to know that i am not perfect and well the perfect "daughter" they want me to be =(
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Wow, that's so sad about your brother. I am sorry to hear that. I can't even imagine what that would be like. That's what this site is for, to get support for others.

They will have to let you go some day...or you will have to leave. Don't try to be perfect. Make a few mistakes and learn/like it....sounds weird but sometimes it's cool to F'up

yeah i dont really regret wat i did but i hate the fact that they're just mad at me now and i totally lost their trust...but im gonna earn money and just move out i guess..bc they're backing up not me

Since you say you wish you had brothers and sisters, I assume you are the only child...which to me makes me think you are their hope of the future. Maybe just reassure them that they did great job in raising you and that they will see the benefits of their hard work...just ask them to give them a chance. It's probably a learning phase for them being 20 and stepping out the door.

yeah i think that might be! u r really sweat...thanks....and yes i had a brother but he commited suicide like a month ago =( and him got seperated my mom left me with my aunt and ucle and he was living with my grandparents but my grandma died of cancer 2 years ago so yup...pretty hard life i got =/....since im technically the only child. i get pretty lonely sometimes...and a sis or bro would be a perfect person to tell ur stories and secretes to because parents sometimes they just see it the other way...