Sixteen Years Of Age And Depressed

    I am sixteen about to turn seventeen. Four years ago my dad was laid off and the house was taken away. We now live in a mobile home park, and it makes me feel inferior. I think that I am depressed. I got a job and am juggling school and work. I use to have perfect grades but now those grades are slipping. I thought I am so smart as a freshman and junior and now I think I am so dumb. There are some days were I really don't mind the thought of dying. I think I am ugly and fat sometimes and I honestly have little motivation to get up anymore. Just a few months ago I had to write an essay about Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquyI argued why suicide is not the answer to ones problems, and that it gets better. I remember writing it thinking about my friend who was diagnosed with depression. Now I really don't know. My "best" friend no longer talks to me the same way, in fact most of my old friends have new cliques. I really want to tell someone but who do I tell? My older sister was diagnosed with major depression a few years ago and my mother did not know how to deal with it. For a while the doctor was hinting that my mother has depression which she denied. Even if I did tell someone I heard that therapy is expensive and I do not want to mess with the chemicals in my head. I do not want to feel this way.
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May 24, 2012