Completely Alone

Im 19. I was with someone for 3 years, and we drifted apart so I met this guy online. I broke up with my previous bf 3 months ago an a week later started dating this other guy. He lives 8 hours away from where I live. I moved out of my exes and had no where to go. So now I live up here with my current bf. no friends, no family, no job... And to top it off my curren bf works at camp. So he's gone half the month. I live in an unknown province with no support system completely alone all day. All I do is cry. Haven't eaten in days. Can't sleep. I am afraid to move home because I don't know how to be alone. As in not dating someone. And I know If I move home we will break up. So either I deal with the pain of being isolatided in solitude, or I go home and deal with heartbreak. I feel so desperate and sad an have no one. I almost want to just not be here any more...
MollyHorz MollyHorz
Sep 10, 2012