I just got to college and I'm a freshmen. My school is huge and everyday I feel more and more lost. I rushed to try and meet people but I didn't get into a sorority. Everytime I try to go out the parties don't seem fun and people find me ugly. Boys an the girls I go out with flirt and hook up but I just feel left out. Back home I was used to being popular but here I'm nobody. I don't know what to do. I'm sad all the time and all I want to do all day is lay in my bed and watch tv. I cry a lot and this isn't me. I'm not usually sad like this. I can't even see the good side of things. I can only see the bad. Help please
Alay818 Alay818
1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Aah don't be sad hey, it will all get better in time. In the meantime just socialize as much as u can