Its A Good Day .

well today am doing fine. and i dont want to kill mine self today. see am learning that life is what you want it to be. yes i had a hard life growing up without a mother but one day i had to learn that jeuse was mine mother . yes the sprit is strough but mine flesh is weark. see i have been through so much . iam a mother of two son and a grand mother and a great grandnmother. but to be all you do who care. see am learn now how to take care of me and i know that sound funny. i dont know how to take care of me. see i give mine all to mine famly and i dont get nothing back in returned. not even a phone call so this upset me on a daily base. but i know tha everything is going to be alright i may not have no freinds down here but i know that i have a whole lots of freinds in heaven but am have a dream aand one day mine dream is going to come truth one day i must keep on pushing and keep on hold on to mine faith. i been through somuch i can write book or do a play with mr perry ye moth dear. but this is only a dream . i have came a long way but i have along way to go. i dont know who is going to read this but dont fill sorry for me just keep me in your paryes. thank for reading
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Sep 18, 2012