I Know I'm Not The Only One (rant)

Long distance relationships suck. I said it. I know no one really wants to admit it when everyone seems to ask "How is your relationship going, well with the distance and all??" And all you want to say back is, "It's horrible, I'm depressed, I can't have my significant other with me when I want. I want to murder everyone who is happy and or has their significant other with them. That's how It's doing." But instead you say, "Oh, it's good. It has it's rough patches but all in all we're getting through it." I know how that is all too well. People who aren't in a long disntance relationship don't understand that since you don't have the ability to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend when you want you tend to be emotional and a sad wreck. Especially me. If I've had a rough day all I want to do is snuggle up with my boyfriend, but since I can't do that I just bottle it up and then when someone asks you what's wrong and you say oh I just feel lonely they look at you with a look that says, "What are you talking about there are so many people here. How are you lonely?" I just want to say to them, "I really don't want to unload all my baggage on some stranger thank you very much because I'm pretty sure a. they wouldn't care b. I would probably scare them off and c. I don't like them nor do I love them so why should I tell them anything."

I just needed to type this out because I've been holding it in for a while and I thought this might be a good place. Sorry if it offends in any way.
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I definitely understand you. I've been in a long distance relationship for five years. It really suck. I was depressed often and I always had him (my bf) on my mind. There was even times where out of nowhere I felt sad, and felt like crying, but I knew that it was because I missed him and I just wanted to be in his arms. This year, in January, he moved to the same city as I am, but we still don't see each other often. I am attending college, and he's working everyday trying to save up money for himself, school, and well a place to live. So it's hard to see each other, the city is pretty big. I actually came across this page because I am depressed as I type this. Actually I'm starting to feel better. I hate not being able to be with him. He lives in the same city, yet it feels as if we are thousands of miles apart!!! we don't even talk on the phone often because he's always tired ): my head gets filled with doubts, but not doubts about his love or mine, they are doubts about whether or not I can keep doing this. It really hurts not being able to be with the one you love 24/7. We've both been through so much, but sometimes I feel like this is endless! I know I'm still young and things might get better, but I've been waiting for better for five years! ): I'm not giving up yet, but I feel like I'm beginning to get weaker and weaker each passing day. ):

Hey ummm do u wanna be friends. I'm 14. I feel the same way. Trust me I'm not some 40 year old trying to be 14. I'm really 14. So if u wanna text or something text me at 1-312-627-9928 btw my names josh.

it's never wrong for you to want them close-
you are in all your right to vent...
i hope you strength and happiness

Thank you very much.