Even Online

Just now, I Was playing On Facebook, And some girl who i had been friends with comes up and, I S.hit you not, Sayes this: (YES its copy/pasted chat!)
Sara:Hey B.itch!
Alma: What? Why did you call me that..
Sara Because no one loves you Thats why.
Alma: But-
Sara: Go DIE Or something.Go cry to your mommy. OH WAIT! You dont have one!
Alma: Stop being mean!
Sara:No. I Hate you you Stupid B.itch
Alma: Stop being mean Sar!
Sara: Noo..I Dont feeeel like it.

I Dont expect wolves to turn to sheep...
But neither do the wolves have to be so cruel to the poor little sheep..
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

why don't you fight? you have right to protect yourself. be brave....she deserve to feel what you feel..

i dont want to stoop to their level.
They took the one thing that matters most.
My Vaneribility..
Im becomeing what i fear most..Someone who locks themselves away for the sake of Protecting their own Sanity.

*sigh* then...what you want to do?

i want them to view the world like i do..Feel as i feel..Know what and who i really am..Its not the love im not Recieveing..Its the love i Long to give that nobody wants.

i guess you do the right thing...but you need to defend your sellf

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