need someone to help me. I'm so depressed; it's horrible. Whenever I'm on diets, I kind of think to myself.. 'wtf's the point? Just gonna die and there'll be no point on this anyway. 70 years not really a long time. might as well just binge because it makes me happy'
Why do people keep saying 'life's too short'?! It's so triggering. It hurts, physically. No point in making friends; just gonna die and loose them all anyway. No point loosing weight; jus gonna die and loose it all anyway. I'm 13 years old!! I don't wantt to feel like this anymore it's horrible! I can't get motivated to do literally anything!!!
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You r not the only one that feels the way u do. You r to young to feel this way. Have you tried to talk to your mother about the way you feel. I have two daughterd your age and it would just kill me to know that my girls felt the way u do. It is not how u look but how u carrie yourself. You have a long life ahead of u and u should enjoy it. Remember friends, boys, and girls come and go out of ur life every day. But keeping all ur feelings and thought to ur self is not good to do take it from someone that has done that most of my life. I wish i could just hold u and give u a big hug and let u know that someone will always be there for u. You r always welcome to talk to me if ever u need to. Please dont think of hurting ur self in any way cause this world would miss u.

I hate my mom

Y is that if you don't mind me askin

What about a grandma, aunt or someone older female that u trust.

She;s an alchie who tried to commit suicide load of times just hate her. hate everyone else ttoo they always say i don't get it.

Well I hope u find someone and trust to sit and talk to cause you need some attention and love. I just hope u conitue to post on here cause there is a lot of good ppl here that is or have gone through same experience. I wish you the best and hope u will find peace real some. Always pray cause GOD always listens and knows u deep inside. I will always pray for u and hope the best. Im always here if u ever need to talk.

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I know pain...I know thoughts of suicide...I feel anger. It's no fun...self harm is no fun.
So you know, as I'm battling my anger, I want to help others.
Currently, my best friend, she is going through thoughts of suicide...praying it will get better. And I believe it will for her, and I believe for me, and for you also.
But God, it feels like it won't! So if you ever need to talk, I'm always open.

I use to feel like that and occasionally do still but you need to know that your going to have good days as well as bad days but the thing that should push you to want to be a happy person and not to think of negative things is your family and people you love. Yes people come and go but at the worst of time these people will be there for you and to support you when your hope is gone. Trust me im saying this from experience. Hope some of what i said has made you feel a little ease

What is your thought on death? I like to think of it a a starting point, no a finish line. Therefore, life is just something that you breeze through before going somewhere else. Nobody know what happens after death, might as well believe it will be something great.
And since life is just a passageway, we should have as much of a good time as possible while in it.

Don't be sad, it's not worth it.