Am I Even There?

My name is Lily and i'm 15. On weekdays I wake up and go to school, but never with a smile. My friends haven't been paying attention to me, they look through me like i'm an empty vase. I've been best friends with my best friend since we could walk, but lately she's been acting all flirty and silly with the guys and some other girls in my year. Yesterday I tried to go up to them and hang out with them for a change instead of being the sad girl who sits around waiting for a miracle to happen. But of course I just ended up standing there why they acted like jerks looking through me. When I tried to say something they glanced at me like I was nothing, and what upset me was the look my best friend gave me while she was hugging another girl acting like we used to just 3 weeks ago. I walked away and they carried on clinging on to the boys. I feel like I don't fit in anymore.
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4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

the same has happened to me, just talk to your best friend, maybe over text? That might be easier. Tell her the truth that you feel left out and as if your drifting apart, i'm sure understand. f not, then she's not worth it i know it will be hard but it could be time for new friends. Don't worry hun i'm sure everything will turn out okay xoxo

i know how it feels it is happening to me its had but they silly one day when there sad there going to know what its like
stay strong:)

You're better than them, Lily. They are lames, and I have/had friends just like that. It is hard to deal with. I know how you feel because someone who was supposed to be my best friend and real soul connection abandoned me to be accepted by another crowd. It broke my heart at first. Now I have realized that I don't need people like that in my life. You can do better than them. The question is: will you take her back when she comes to her senses?

You dont need to be around ppl like that. Yes its hard to know that a friend you had since u were young is no longer there for u but it happens. That is y the old saying is friends come n go but a true friend will be there through it all. Most ppl meet only one true friend that will be there for happy, sad and enjoyable times. So just remember just because ur friend is the way they r u dont have to be a follower but a leader.

Depressednlonely314 is So right Lily! If she was a true friend than she wouldnt be doing all this to yu. High School changes people, i've been there & honestly friends do come & go but just remember everything happens for a reason & at the end yu'll be with a better friend than the one yu had(: