i feel like one one gets me! i am sad all the time and i hide it from everyone cause i dont want anyone to think i am weak and i dont want anyone to feel like they got to feel sorry for me but sometimes i just want someone to talk to i feel all alone! but i kinda feel like if i did tell someone how i felt they really wouldnt understand.... i am so tired of cyn at nite when no one is lookn!
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I wish I could hug you.I feel sad everyday I married someone I barely knew .now my life is worthless

are you still on here? i noticed these posts are from last year... how ya been?

Are you better now

i told my bf what i was feeln and he told me to not think about it but its not that easy so i havent said anything eles about it.....

hi hun have you seen a doctor about the way you feel, if you need a friend to talk to i am here

no i havent but i told my bf that i think i need to get hepl but he kinda just blew me off like i was playn so i dont talk about it i just been keepn all my feelns to my self and hide behind a face smile and laugh.

you cant keep this to yorself it is too big to bare alone

just keep talking love