My Biggest Mistake

I made a huge mistake.. And it changed my life in a way i never wud imagine.. I was single not worried about anyone but myself. I found passion and love in a man that was already taken.. I fell into his trap.. He hand me at the palm of his hand but since the first day he was never honest. He ended up living wit me then we got pregnant then things got extremely sweious and the truth.was coming to the light. He began to hit me when things get real bad. I found out he cheated. Living with me.. Leaving the house to go and be with his ex. Then come home to us like nothen happened as if i was his only one. She remained in his life for about 2 &half years ir more. Its guna b 4 yyears that him and i have been together. In January. And a few weeks ago i found xxx pix of her on his phone. Pix of another girl and he was asking for pix from the girl i work with. He us stull being unfaithful. And we now have together. His ex told me he has briught her ro my house while i was at work. I walked in on them having sex. He has hit me ibfront of iur child he even calls me every bad name in the book and tells me i deserve wat he does to me. He wud compare her and say shes better.. He wud say im a bad mom. And so now that we r making things work all this is still planted in my head and r in my thiughts each n every day. I cry day n night i walk around miserable i treat him badly and in always angry. The thoughts in my head depresses me and i dont kbow how to make this all go away.. I need some serious help
TheOneBtNotTheOnly TheOneBtNotTheOnly
Dec 2, 2012