Why has every girl i know cheated on there boyfriends or husbands and why has every girl i dated say that they wont ever cheat on me but they always do. My girlfriend i have now has cheated on me before but i forgave her because she came out and told me and didnt try to hide it from me. But now i worry about her cheating on me all the time when she goes out and we are getring married the summer of 2013 but i just cant trust her very much anymore
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Tell her how you feel and ask her honestly if she will never cheat on you again or has already cheated on you again. It's best to be straightforward and tell her how you feel about her but that you are worried and want to know from her if you should be worried. I wish you the best - I think there are many women who cheat and many who don't... I for one have never cheated but i can see how some people get caught up in the moment or in lust and could still love someone. But not everyone can live with a cheater or be happy knowing someone they love is cheating. You need to decide if you can trust her once you're married, and if you want to marry her, and figure out what it is you want and if you are willing to take this risk. If you cannot it is better to end it now than later. Just make sure you know what you want. I wish you the best with this.