Bad 2 Months

Well I dunno where to start. In the past few months I've lost the trust and respect of my family, I've lost my girlfriend, I'm losing my job, my best friends because of my job and I'm slowly not caring about myself. I hardly sleep or eat anymore. Whenever ive tried to sleep lately I'm woken by nightmares that keep me up. My problem with my parents is due to the fact I was still close to a relative who they disliked. Though they told me she was bad news I never listened and it turned out they were right when she stabbed me in the back. I work away alot and so never see my best friends as they are usually busy with their relationships or work. When I am away for a month at a time this is something that really gets to me. I lost my girlfriend due to drifting apart whenever I was away and my own selfish actions whenever I was home. I deserve it. But now we've deleted each other, it drives me insane knowing we won't be part of each others live's anymore. I'm not coping with my job. I just can't do it no matter how hard I try. Something causing more problems with my parents as I wish to find a new job. My mum had to sit me down last week and tell me I have a problem as I spent so much of my time off just drinking and not caring about myself. I just want someone to help me. But I don't know where to look
JWalsh123 JWalsh123
Dec 4, 2012