Im Always Depressed

I'm 12 years old 7th grade middle school! I have nice friends and a nice life I guess... But the girls at school are so pretty and they are skinny I have a hourglass figure my mom says and I have large breats but that doesn't matter when I'm in school I always try to make ideas to become pretty but I keep putting myself down everyday saying "your ugly nobody likes you" I have a crush this boy he doesn't like me he called me ghetto.. And I'm mixed with African American and white and Italian but my parents were adopted so I really don't know what I am I just need someone to talk to my friends say your pretty stop putting yourself down I'm also 5"2 and I think I'm short please don't judge me or say grow up or anything I just want to be happy but I keep being sad I cry like everyday when I get home after school
Tplatt184 Tplatt184
13-15, F
Dec 4, 2012