How I Feel

I feel empty like I'm not even my lives a dream or a movie I'll I'm doing is watching myself but I don't really feel anything.i feel so sad alone and empty like I have no point in life like I'm nothing . I hate feeling this way I just want to quit life that why I wount feel so depressed. I try to hide how I feel but Inside I feel like I'm going crazy to the point I want to explode and beat the **** out of everyone .i just don't want to feel like this anymore it's not right.its got so bad were I just feel lost I don't know who I am anymore .And I'm just hurting peoria around me cuz what I do or how I'm making them feel is like I don't care for them but I just don't feel
MarilynMonro3 MarilynMonro3
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Thats a reallly crappy way to feel, Ive been there, still am kinda