it all started in 6th grade...I dated this guy...we broke up and I dated other guys and him on and off. He got thisssss biggggg group of people to hatte me...even though I dated himm on and off he got the whole school to hate me...we kept close...then things got worce eveeryone called me a ***** a **** and everything else...idk y I kept dating him but..I did. Then I got tired of it and he went to bridge school and things didn't get better at all...I started cutting and almost killed myself ....I still dated him and tlk to him a lot ...then he drove to my house one night in the middle iof the year and we got cought...then he drove to my house again...I didn't know about it but I saw him outside my house and someone called the cops and he got cought once again. Then it got to where we couldn't even tlk to each other...soo we decided to runaway but we got coughhht and he got put in the D-home for 2 months and wen he got out...we still talked some..but then we lost contact and he is still going to bridge and hattes me...that's just one story. Soo I aventory let go of him too but becuz of everything I got put on house arrest and probation. There's more I started tlking to another guy...chase he wanted to runaway too I said nooo but...we feel in love and then @ a jf game he brought a razor blade and I couuldnt tlk to him..but I always doo. I live with my grandmother I hate my school I want to move to another school..she won't let me. I want to move all together I hate it she smokes pott my mom does crack my dad lives in norfolk I just don't know where to go or what to do anymore...I've lost total controle of myself idk who I am anymore... I need someone something anything :(
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Is there anyone in your life that you can trust? an aunt an older sibling? other grandparents? How about your dad. You need to talk to someone before it's too late. Please do, I'd hate to see something happen to you. :)

mabe talking about your problem out with a trusted counselor could be helpfull