Today i got pulled over for "speeding" the officer was a real **** and impounded my car. He said i was doing 70 over the speed limit when i wasn't. I am $4000 in the hole and I'm in debt money now.

Every since this happened i have felt depressed and unmotivated to do anything. I kind of just mope around my house and lay on the floor staring into the darkness. Now i never used to be like this but i feel like i was cheated and that im not worth anything in this world, that no matter what i do i am always below someone else that is able to push me around.

I have actually had times where i have thought of ending it all and just making it easier. I have also thought of moving to texas from canada just to start over and leave everyone behind.

I have had other things go on in my life which have made me sad and upset before, this i think finally made me depressed. Every time i get up, something pushes me right back down... i try and try, i work 2 jobs one from 6am - 5pm and the other from 7pm - 11pm just to make it by, I'm also trying to pay for school to better myself but some how i find myself lose more and more money.
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1 Response Dec 6, 2012

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Life is really hard sometimes. I was thinking maybe you could get some financial advice. There must be some free options for financial counseling online and maybe at a shelter or a nonprofit agency in your county. Also, if you have credit card debt, you can check out
Depression is really effing hard. If you feel like you're going to end it all, call for help. There are national suicide hotlines and also you can ask to be admitted into a nearby hospital's psychiatric ward.
As to the feelings of every time you get up, you always get knocked down - I am wondering have you ever heard of self prophecy?? I believe it's a real phenomenon. It is very possible that you are expecting to be knocked down and therefore, you are knocked down. I think that we bring energy towards if you are negative and expect the worst, the worst will gladly come to you.