Hypocritical Behavior

So, here's the thing...I'm depressed and like I mention in a earlier post I hide it very well. My girlfriend doesn't know about my sadness. I'm sad about many things including how our relationship is going. I can't talk to my friends cause I promised to not talk about our issues cause she found messages on my computer about me talking to my friends and I was saying not so nice things about how I feel about her and the relationship. However, tonight's situation is this. I finished cleaning the house, my girlfriend comes home and I decided since I didn't wanna cook I'll order us all pizza. I also ordered soda. She doesn't drink soda and also doesn't encourage her son to drink it either, but she did wanted some, so I made us both a cup. As I got up to go get something, I come back and found that she had drunk hers and mine lol I thought that was funny. So, I grab my cup and on the way to the kitchen with her son sitting at the table I jokingly shout "you drunk my soda" while she responds for me to shut up. Me thinking she was joking still I kept going on. When I came in the living room I noticed she was mad cause she didn't want her son to hear that she drunk her soda and my soda. I was like my bad I thought you were joking. I felt like she was making it into a big deal while she feels like I don't get her cues. Then I got in a slump and thought WTH? Then she goes upstairs, something she does constantly when I get in that slump and silence and started watching a show that apparantly was hilarious. Then she wanted to show me, but I said I wasn't in the mood to laugh cause I was really sad. She asked me what did that mean and I told her cause I didn't feel up to par and she just said she had to talk to someone to understand what I meant by that and she's been talking about me to whoever's on the phone and it's f-up that she's talking to someone about something with us but yet gets furious when I do it. I think she's going by the fact that in the beginning of our relationship I got quiet any time we got into it and even had a crappy mood and used it against her. This time however, I have been quiet and distant for 2 weeks cause I'm noticing things that are starting to be deal-breakers for me, but I can't talk to her about my concerns cause she either gets angry or she'll say I'm doing too much or she'll get defensive and not listen to me. So, you tell me WTH is wrong with this?
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Spend some time with yourself and learn to love yourself first! set guidelines and demand what you want if she cant hang with that then I say boot her!

Already working on it lol

And if you ever want to talk or just rant I will listen! I also I have my very own blog! your welcome to go on there check it out comment ask questions or just pit up some helpful information it is called chozengirlblog.wordpress.com. my name is 55cabgirl I will not judge you or speak down at you but I am here to meet new people and possibly make friends people who understand me!

Sorry .. lol I meant put