i think im depressed i need help, i cut myself i hate myself i need desprete help im always crying contenusly feel alone i have noone to talk to yeah i got mum and dad but i find it hard to talk to them about stuff, they know about my cutting cause i had a burst out in class and i told my teacher everything she told the depty head which then that got reported to my dad im 14 years old, im overweight i hate my body i think im ugly, i just wanna be the perfect daughter for my parents but i cant be i have real bad mood swings one mintue im fine the next im really angry/upset i dont know why i feel like this, i have thought about killing myself but im trying to hold on for my nan and my family cause they are everything to me. it feels like dad never has time for me anymore he never wants a hug only when he sees im upset but it feels like if he didnt have to hug me he wouldnt, hes always making me feel low about myself coming out with silly comments that he thinks are funny but they really upset me. i feel like im not good enough for my mum that im not how she would love her child to be. my brother i can talk to him but hes never home, always out, and when hes home mum and dad are agrueing with him about stuff so i hide away in my room and cry. my school work is really effected by my home life i dont revise enough i dont have the time i always feel over tired and reallu dizzy, im scared i hate being like this i need help please.
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I have been you before! And your going to make it! You are beautiful and I dont know how you feel about God but please listen to me. It saddens my heart about your story but I know that I am on here for a reason. I struggled with manic depression all my life but I became a christian at 19 and havent looked back! Does it still try to come back yes But I remind myself that I have purpose and so do you! He put everybody here for a reason! Smile, learn to love yourself from the inside what helped me was writing that is how I got through it when I was your age. You are never alone you may cant see Him but God is right there with you. cry out to Him go to church God will send you some people that will love and accept you for you. s far as weight you are beautiful. sometimes I would walk and get out of the house and just let nature influence me. It will get better dont kill yourself you have too much to live for Jesus loves you and so do I! And if you want to talk pray or just rant I have a blog I wont judge you because I am not God but I will love you and be there for you

hi meg,
i know how you feel, i have depression too. i just want you to know you are not alone if you want someone to talk to you can message me, i'll be more than happy to chat :), just like you i hate my body and i can't talk to my parents i cant even tell my sisters how i feel ( i have 5 sisters and 1 brother) so i kind of know how you feel. try thinking of stuff you like and doing stuff you like. for me painting and drawing puts me in a better mood.
if you want we can become friends :),
Jeanette (Nettie)