Confused....Need help :'(

OK im going to make this story short! Ive been married for 3 years. My husband left to the China for 6 months and I stayed in California to go to school. Didnt see him for 6 months. everytime i call him he wouldnt answer, he wouldnt have time for me,,, 2 months ago I told him that i miss him so much that i wanted him to come back, but he told me he was going to live there and not come back. I was confuse and hurt I couldnt belive it. I was so hurt badly that i lost months pass by and i found this guy that i find interested we both meet and have a relationship , but days pass by my husband comes back from china and wants to be with me so i left the other guy and went back with him,,,now im so confuse because im not happy being married with him! Im always thinking about the other guy :( please help me. God bless u
iwanttobehappyinlove iwanttobehappyinlove
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

If this guy left you and did that to you then he doesn't love you. Please don't stay with a man you don't love, get a divorce and go be with the other guy. The relationship u are in now will never work coz ur heart is not in it.